The Herbal Teacup

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Herbal Tea Store

We offer a range of herbs with therapeutic properties including difficult to come by herbs such as Essiac, Gumbi Gumbi and Moringa.

Select the herbs below to find out their traditional uses and how to prepare them in order to get the most benefits.

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All Adaptogen Adrenals Allergies Alterative Analgesic Anxiety Anti-bacterial Anti-Biotic Anti-Fungal Anti-inflammatory Anti-Parasitic Anti-Septic Antioxident Antispasmodic Anti-Tumour Anti-Viral Aphrodisiac Arthritis Aromatic Astringent Bladder Function Bone Health Blood Pressure Calmative Calming the mind Circulation Cholesterol Chologogue Constipation Cough Dengue Fever Depression Detox Diabetes Diahorrea Digestive system Diuretic Energy Eye Health Fatigue Fat Burning Fibre Gallstones Gastro Intestinal Problems Gout Heart health Hormone Balance Hypertension Immune Boost Indigestion Insomnia Kidneys Laxative Liver Male Fertility Menstrual Mental Acuity Menopause Metabolic Boost Mood Muscle Growth Muscular Pain Muscle Relaxant Pectoral Peptic Ulcers Platelet Prostrate Respiratory Issues Sedative Self Esteem Sleep Skin Disorders Sore Throat Stimulant Stomach Issues Stress Styptic Swelling Joints Thirst Quenching Tonic Urinary System Vision Weight Loss Expectorant Appetite Fluid Retention Sinus Headache Cardiovascular Nervous System Weight management Tea Blends Pain management Pregnancy Sun Spots
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