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Matcha Green Tea, Ceremonial Grade - Organic 50g


Matcha Green Tea

Camellia sinensis

Origin: China


Green Matcha tea is also known as fine ground tea. Matcha tea is made from the same plants as green tea. During the final 3 weeks the plants are covered from direct sunlight, which in turn forces the plants to shoot new leaves. The process also produces more theanine and caffeine. The leaves are then handpicked for quality.

Uses: Reduce cortisol, weight loss, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, curb impulsive appetite, calming the mind, lower blood pressure, rich in fibre, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, boosts self-esteem and provides potent antioxidants (EGCg).

Vitamins: A C

Minerals: Potassium, selenium, chromium, zinc, magnesium.

How to prepare:

In a cup: Add 1-2 teaspoons of Matcha into a cup, add some hot water to make a paste, add a further 180ml mix and enjoy.

Bamboo whisk: Add 1-2teaspoons of Matcha into a tea cup, add 60ml of hot water (not boiled), whisk until frothy. Enjoy.

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